A few visuals examples of our process

King of the Sea is a high end Fish & Chip shop that specialises in fresh fish sales & takeaways.

Branding Objective:

A consistent, unique nautical theme highlighting their expertise in the fresh fish business.

Key Colours:

Red, Navy & White


Uniform Shortlist Options

King of the Sea-01

Golden Wheat Craft Beer is a Micro brewery that offers wholesale deliveries & counter sales.

Branding Objective:

Uniforms that embody a craft feel. Branded merchandise for reselling in the bar.

Key Colours:

Golden tones of wheat.


Uniform Shortlist Options


Bright Spark Electrical is a local Electrical business specialising in residential electrical works.

Branding Objective:

A strong brand image through the use of bright orange & to tidy up the appearance of his workmen.

Key Colours:



Uniform Shortlist Options


Florence’s Flower Shop specialises in bouquets for special events.

Branding Objective:

Uniforms that look professional but allow for ease of movement as they spend a lot of time moving large bunches of flowers around.

Key Colours:

Soft Pink and White.


Uniform Shortlist Options


Silver Fox Barber shop is a modern mens barber shop catering to the over 35 age demographic.

Branding Objective:

Uniforms that complement the urban, funky cool environment & clientele.

Key Colours:

Black, Silver.


Uniform Shortlist Options

Asset 2-80

The team at Capital Real Estate specialise in selling high end properties. They operate from an up market office in a high rise, inner city office.

Branding Objective:

Uniforms that enforce their key colours & look professional.

Key Colours:


Captial Real Estate Office

Uniform Shortlist Options

Capital Real Estate

Shady Acres Aged Care offers a specialised aged care facility for seniors.

Branding Objective:

Uniforms that are non movement restrictive & help to clearly separate staff from residents or visitors.

Key Colours:

Aqua/Teal & Grey


Uniform Shortlist Options

Asset 1-80

Eco Homes provides building services for residential homes.

Branding Objective:

The team at Eco Homes want to stand out at the Building & Construction Convention so have completed a refresh of their branding including uniforms & branded merchandise to giveaway. 

Key Colours:

Navy & Lime

eco home builder scene

Uniform Shortlist Options

eco home builder team
Asset 1-80

Fast Freight Logistics specialises in freight management.

Branding Objective:

Fast Freight Logistics needs two sets of uniforms - one for the warehouse team & one for the office team. The uniforms have to be functional for their roles especially for the warehouse team who is moving & lifting boxes all day.

Key Colours:

Orange & Black

fast freight logistic office

Uniform Shortlist Options

fast freight logistic team

Little Birds Childcare offers art based playtime for children under 5 years old.

Branding Objective:

Staff currently wear their own clothing. The issue is their personal clothing is getting ruined by the activities that they have to perform during their work with the children.

Key Colours:

Bright colours red, royal & pink

Little Birds Scene

Uniform Shortlist Options

little birds-team

Prime Rib Steak House is a steak specialist, well known for premium cuts of steak served with traditional American style sauces.

Branding Objective:

Prime Rib wants to bring in a strong colour palette of Red / White & Blue harking to it’s American origins. They would also like to embrace denim as a central theme.

Prime Rib also wants to start selling Tee Shirts, Hoodies & Caps with their logo branded on the front.

Key Colours:

Navy & Red

steak house-cafe

Uniform Shortlist Options

steak house-01 final

Roasted Beans Cafe is a specialty cafe that roasts their own beans & sells coffee.

Branding Objective:

The cafe's interior has an earthy vibe with lots of timber & brown / khaki / white colours. The team want to bring this colour theme into their uniforms.

Key Colours:

Earth-tones - Brown / Khaki / Tan

roasted beaf cafe-08

Uniform Shortlist Options

roasted beaf cafe staff

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Let's be clear, what you want is to attract customers/clients/members/etc. What you don't want is to attract irrelevant people (who will waste your time & resources).

Remember, just as you are always looking for your ideal customer/client/member/etc, they are also looking for their ideal brand.

This is why it's important to refine your visual look (uniforms & merchandise). You want to let people know what sort of brand you are at a glance - attention is fleeting.

To do this well, you need to know what your brand is all about & the type of customer you want to attract…

It's best to have a clear idea of your brand to refer to as you step through the ordering process. This will make it quicker & easier to determine the right products & branding for you.

There's no need to get into brand personality types or spirit animals (but, if that is your thing, go for it!).

When keeping it simple, all you really need to know is:

  • What is your brand?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is your ideal transaction with this customer?

This next step is all about the practicalities.

You should figure out all the details to ensure you get what’s best for your brand in the required timeframe & at the right budget. These include:

  • Time & Money
  • Product function requirements
  • Administrative factors
  • Staff requirements
  • Product selection

You're awesome! Which is why people should know you exist. Your branding (name, logo, colours, etc) helps with this.

It's not enough to just be recognised. You need to be remembered in their time of need. (Step 1)

You can achieve this through integrating your brand onto a variety of products (Step 2)

We'll expertly guide you on the best branding methods to help you do this. (because we do them all ourselves here onsite).

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In both our online guides or in person with one of our reps, we'll discuss:

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- Sizes, colours & styles
- Branding options & opportunities
- Timelines & due dates
- Ongoing availability requirements
- Budget
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Obviously, we need you to do your part & check all quotes, artwork & samples carefully before approving your order because, unfortunately, there are limits to the help we can offer if you’ve made a mistake.

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