Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation (aka dye sub) is sort of like tattooing but instead of using needles, it uses printed paper & heat to position the ink & print the fabric, dot by dot.

Unlike other forms of branding which generally attach the artwork to the surface of the item, dye sublimation actually dyes the artwork into the product itself.

The Golden Rules of Dye Sublimation:
1. The item must be white (or very light) in colour.
2. Garment fabric must be 100% polyester.
3. Dye sublimation can be used to print ceramic items such as mugs. It is also used to print mouse mats and stubby holders.

Custom Made Garments - the Promised Land of Dye Sublimation.

When you think dye sub, think custom printed fabric. Then think of what you can make out of that fabric. Then think of what a really imaginative person could make out of that fabric... hence the allure of dye sublimation.

As a company, our primary goal is to help clients communicate their brand through uniforms & merchandise. Dye sublimation is a tool that allows us to create something really unique & specific.

Branding is more than just adding a logo...

A brand is simply the collection of images & thoughts that people associate with something.

They can be vague, random, unrelated snippets, or through repetition & coherence something much more defined.

Branding is about being thoughtful & deliberate with your actions, products & visuals to ensure that the public has a clear & distinct impression of your brand.

It is about defining what thoughts & images you want people to have & knowing how to communicate & establish that in their minds.

We help people create uniforms & merchandise for their brand.

Since 2004, our team of dedicated fashion designers, graphic designers, branding consultants, sewers, printers, embroiderers & reps have been working with brands to create eye-catching uniforms & merchandise that attracts both new & existing customers.

We take this seriously. Our Guarantee ensures your dedicated rep will help you find the products you need. They’ll also make it as simple & enjoyable as possible.

Your brand is in safe hands. Our sales & production team are all under one roof working together to make decisions & solve problems creating over 80,000 alluring branded garments a year.

We love to talk about brand aspirations & goals. What’s your brand about? What are you imagining?

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