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Transfers are special types of stickers, in the same way that a Ferrari is a special type of horseless carriage.  It's essentially true but slightly misleading in its lack of descriptiveness.

As much as we love screen printing, when our Production staff are making their own gear for the weekend, almost invariably they are using transfers.  It offers versatility in media texture, full colour spectrum and the ability to do single units without the hours of set up and clean up that screen printing would require.

The biggest factor in having a good transfer is getting the design right. (Avoiding single solid block or shapes & ensuring there is space within the design.) After that, selecting the right type of media (gloss, matte, flocks, metallics, etc) for the design & ensuring that the application process is nailed.

We've had customers show us some truly appalling examples of transfers from their previous suppliers which is why we understand some people's "transfer aversion". But just like we hope that you haven't been turned off by the entire human race just because little Timmy wiped his boogers on you in the third grade, know that there are transfers & then there are transfers.

As a company, our primary focus is helping clients communicate their brand through their uniform. Branding really comes down to selecting the right technique for the garment and artwork but with consideration to quantity and frequency of reorders.

The first order is never really the issue, it is the reorder when new staff start and old staff change sizes. These are just a few of things we discuss with you when creating your uniform.

Get Inspired!

We help people create uniforms & merchandise for their brand.

Since 2004, our team of dedicated fashion designers, graphic designers, branding consultants, sewers, printers, embroiderers & reps have been working with individuals to create eye-catching uniforms & merchandise that communicates their brand to the world.

We take this seriously. Our Guarantee ensures your dedicated rep will help you find what’s right for your brand. They’ll also make it as simple & enjoyable as possible.

Your brand is in safe hands. Our sales & production team are all under one roof working together to make decisions & solve problems creating over 80,000 branded garments a year.

We love to talk about brand aspirations & goals. What’s your brand about? What are you imagining?

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