Alterations & Customisations

Alterations & customising - Sure we do your standard alterations but we're talking about more than just nip n' tucks, hem-lines & darts here.

We're talking customisations. Think glue gun, think bedazzling, think sequins but without the actual glue gun, bedazzling & sequins being involved. Sort of like the uniform equivalent of Pimp My Ride.

We use buttons, tapes, labels, plackets, bands, emblems, badges, studs, pockets & eyelets to make a standard garment truly yours.

As a company, our primary goal is to help clients communicate their brand through uniforms & merchandise. Customising off-the-shelf garments is a relatively cost effective & simple method of creating a unique uniform. Giving you all the style without the time & cost of creating completely custom-made garments.

As with all things branding, customising really comes down to selecting the right technique for the garment & artwork, while also considering the quantity required & frequency of reorders.

Branding is more than just adding a logo...

A brand is simply the collection of images & thoughts that people associate with something.

They can be vague, random, unrelated snippets, or through repetition & coherence something much more defined.

Branding is about being thoughtful & deliberate with your actions, products & visuals to ensure that the public has a clear & distinct impression of your brand.

It is about defining what thoughts & images you want people to have & knowing how to communicate & establish that in their minds.

We help people create uniforms & merchandise for their brand.

Since 2004, our team of dedicated fashion designers, graphic designers, branding consultants, sewers, printers, embroiderers & reps have been working with brands to create eye-catching uniforms & merchandise that attracts both new & existing customers.

We take this seriously. Our Guarantee ensures your dedicated rep will help you find the products you need. They’ll also make it as simple & enjoyable as possible.

Your brand is in safe hands. Our sales & production team are all under one roof working together to make decisions & solve problems creating over 80,000 alluring branded garments a year.

We love to talk about brand aspirations & goals. What’s your brand about? What are you imagining?

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