What are promotional products?

They are products that have been designed & manufactured to display a Brand, Logo or other Artwork. In essence a promotional product straddles the line between normal useful product and an advertising billboard.

From a manufacturing perspective the big difference between a promotional product and an everyday generic product is that the promotional product itself needs to have a blank space dedicated for adding the artwork and the whole product needs to be able to be secured in the printing machines for this to happen. (In normal consumer products, artwork is usually added to a small part prior to the full product being completely assembled.)

What promotional products do you recommend?

The best promotional products are those that the end receiver keeps close to themselves and that they genuinely like.

This is actually a lot easier to get wrong than it is to get right. It is very easy to go too cheap and end up with a pen that doesn't write properly or a lolly that tastes like a sugared ashtray. Or to get a product that is quickly relegated to a draw or the bin.

Any of our sales staff will be glad to assist you in choosing a product that will be right for your needs.

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