About LSJ

The LSJ Collection is a comprehensive range of mens & ladies suiting & shirts.
It is by far the most accommodating range for different body types. This is particularly handy if you have a diverse staff group to fit out.

What we like about LSJ

We love that the range has styles that can pretty much fit everyone. This makes it easier for people looking to outfit a larger group with suits & shirts. This is our CEO’s range of choice for work pants.

What we know about LSJ

The LSJ Collection was first available as a multi-award winning fashion label distributed Australia wide as well as being exported all over the pacific-rim, including New Zealand & Singapore. The LSJ range has now evolved into a boutique corporate label, specialising in producing high quality mens & ladies corporate wear.

Need some advice?

We're experts on the LSJ Range and we're happy to talk with you.

We specialise in co-ordinating the best of the LSJ Range with other ranges to achieve the perfect look for you.

There are a lot of options, and your time & our advice are invaluable so let's get underway...


Before You Purchase

5 questions to ask before purchasing uniforms
We help people create uniforms & merchandise for their brand.

Since 2004, our team of dedicated fashion designers, graphic designers, branding consultants, sewers, printers, embroiderers & reps have been working with individuals to create eye-catching uniforms & merchandise that communicates their brand to the world.

We take this seriously. Our Guarantee ensures your dedicated rep will help you find what’s right for your brand. They’ll also make it as simple & enjoyable as possible.

Your brand is in safe hands. Our sales & production team are all under one roof working together to make decisions & solve problems creating over 80,000 branded garments a year.

We love to talk about brand aspirations & goals. What’s your brand about? What are you imagining?

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