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Uniform Management System

Outfitting large groups and the consequent ongoing replenishment can become confusing and taxing if left unmanaged.

The solution is our Uniform Management System.

A package of developed procedures and templated documents that simplifies and creates a user friendly on-going procedure.


How we can help you

We have several ways in which we can help you put together a uniform for your staff, listed below are some of the things that we offer to assist you.

1. Fitting Samples

Once you’ve decided on what garments you wish to offer as your staff uniform and have accepted our quotation we can provide on-site fitting samples for your staff to try on. Experience has told us that it is much easier for everyone if we send the clothing samples to you to have in your office for up to 10 days. Sending someone out from our office to run a fitting generally causes interruption to your business and no matter how well organised, some of your staff will always be away and therefore miss out on the fitting. By sending the samples to you, you’ll have the benefit of being able to have more flexibility with the times that staff are allowed to try the uniforms on and to ensure that all staff have an opportunity with minimal interruption to normal business operation.
We can provide templated sheets to assist staff with recording their sizes and preferred styles. These sheets can then either be collated by us or by a member of your staff at the completion of the fitting stage.

2. Uniform Binder

Our easy to use Uniform binder is a big winner with our larger customers. Essentially once you have chosen what styles you wish to proceed with, we will put together a customised catalogue of all the approved styles for your organisation. This will be provided in a hard copy binder as well as in PDF format for easy upload to your company intranet.

In the instance where you have multiple offices a binder will be sent to each office. The binder outlines all relevant information about your uniforms including size availability, pictures of the actual garments, colours, logo placement, pricing etc..

Where there are several groups of staff who require different types of uniforms the binder clearly highlights which staff should wear which uniforms, eliminating any confusion over who should wear what.

In addition, the binder also contains a tape measure, a copy of the price list/order form and instructions on the payment procedure (e.g. whether staff pay for their own uniforms or whether the uniforms are billed back to the company for payment).

3. Sizing and Fitting

The customised catalogue or binder includes detailed sizing information and instructions on
measuring methods to ensure staff members select the correct sizing. We also give you a flexible tape measure to keep with the catalogue. For larger organisations we may provide a temporary size range of the selected style for in house fitting once your order has been confirmed. There are some conditions to this offer which we will discuss further with you at the time. Going Forward from your initial order you may consider:
• Purchasing (at a discounted rate) a small sample range to keep on hand for fitting.
• Keeping a small amount of stock on hand in the popular sizes for staff to try on or to enable new staff to be supplied quickly.
• If you are a large client with high replenishment needs we can supply periodically (1 – 2 times per year) a loan sample range for up to 10 days. Conditions apply.

4. Order Forms

You will be provided with a pre filled order form. The order form will have all the available styles, colours and other pertinent details minimising the amount of information your staff must fill out and thereby reducing mistakes.

You can naturally collate your staff orders yourself, alternatively send them all to us and we will perform the collation and error checking for you.

We are also able to accommodate your staff members ordering and paying directly through us once the initial uniform set up has been completed.

5. Dedicated Customer Service Representative

You will be assigned a dedicated customer service representative who you can contact at any time with any queries you may have. This person will have full knowledge of your company uniforms and will be ready to assist you.

6. Fast Turnaround

We understand that you are keen to get new staff into their uniforms as quickly as possible. Therefore our lead times are much quicker than the industry average of 4-6 weeks. Our standard lead time if the garment is being embroidered with your company logo is approximately 2 weeks and much quicker in most instances. Of course not all uniforms have embroideries so those without will usually be delivered with in a week.

7. Extensive Range of Options

At House of Uniforms we provide our customers with one of the biggest range of options in the industry when it comes to your uniforms. We have thousands of garments available as part of our stock service range plus in some instances we can also offer custom make garments. (minimums do apply to custom made items).

8. Flexibility

Because we handle the uniforms requirements of such a diverse range of customers we can be fully flexible with working in with your requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your unique requirements and tailor our procedures to accommodate you.

9. Payment

House of Uniforms does offer Credit Accounts to approved customers. You will need to complete and have approved a Credit Account Application Form and agree to it’s Terms & Conditions. Naturally many organisations order and pay for uniforms on behalf of their staff.

If you do not wish to be involved in the ongoing day to day administration of uniforms, we can accept orders and payments directly from your staff members via credit card, cheque or direct deposit.
Some organisations even have a split system whereby the organisation provides some of the uniform and the staff directly order and pay for other optional elements.

10. Fixed pricing

Depending on how you decide to submit your orders (e.g. some customers order daily, weekly, monthly or batch together quarterly or at some other interval) we can offer you fixed pricing on your garments as part of an ongoing uniform program. Companies on fixed price agreements must meet the criteria to be eligible for this type of agreement. Prices are held for the duration of the financial year and reviewed annually in June of each year.

11. Individual Packing

Upon completion of the garment production we package each
staff members order individually for ease of distribution.

12. Multi-site Distribution

House of uniforms can deliver Australia wide (and internationally).
We have vast experience in handling uniforms for organisations
with multiple offices and specific requests can be easily accommodated.

Don’t forget that as well as offering an extensive range of uniforms we also
provide a fully comprehensive range of promotional products including caps, pens, keyrings, drink bottles, mouse mats, stubbie holders and much, much more.

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