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Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation (aka dye sub) is sort of like tattooing but instead of using needles, it uses paper & heat to position the ink and stain the fabric, dot by dot.

It's a slightly different form of branding in that we are changing the fabric of the garment itself by dying/staining it. As opposed to other forms of branding where we are attaching the branding to the surface of the fabric.

The Golden Rules of Dye Sublimation:
1. The fabric must be white (or very light) in colour.
2. The fabric must be 100% polyester.

Being the blatantly disrespectful sinners that they are,  when it comes to uniforms that's not what most people choose. Outside of promotional t-shirts and some sporting gear there's not a lot of opportunity to brand ready made garments using dye sub.

Custom Made Garments - The promised land of dye sublimation.

When you think dye sub, think custom printed fabric. Then think of what you can make out of fabric. Then think of what a really imaginative person could make out of fabric... and hence the allure of dye sublimation.

As a company, our primary focus is helping clients communicate their brand through their uniform. Dye sublimation is a tool that allows us to really create something unique and specific to do this. It may or may not form the core elements of your uniform but done well it will be the core of your brand.

We'd love to discuss with you your brand and what's possible.


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There's More To Branding Than Just Dye Sublimation...

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