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Alterations & Customisations

Sure we do your standard alterations but we're talking about more than just nip & tucks, hem-lines and darts here.

We're talking customisations. Think glue gun, think bedazzling, think sequins but without the actual glue gun, bedazzling and sequins being involved. Sort of like the uniform equivalent of Pimp My Ride.

We use buttons, tapes, labels, placards, bands, emblems, badges, studs, pockets and eyelets to make a standard garment truly yours.

As a company, our primary focus is helping clients communicate their brand through their uniform. Customisation is a much cheaper and simpler method of creating a unique uniform without having to go down a completely custom made route.

As with all things branding, customising really comes down to selecting the right technique for the garment and artwork but with consideration to quantity and frequency of reorders.

The first order is never really the issue, it is the reorder when new staff start and old staff change sizes. These are just a few of things we discuss with you when creating your customised uniform.


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We can advise you on the printing methods most suitable for your artwork, just send us your artwork in the link below.

There's More To Branding Than Just Customising & Alterations...

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