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Custom Made

We use the term “Custom Made” to refer to products that have been fully or partially designed and manufactured for a specific customer.

If you just want your logo printed on to a standard product that is not a problem. We consider that to be just “Standard/Normal” not “Custom Made”. For more information on this please go to the Printing/Branding page (here).

Custom Made Uniform Sketches 2

House of Uniforms operates an on site local garment design and manufacturing facility offering you the ability to work with our team to come up with a unique uniform design for your team from initial concept through to completed product.

Regardless of where you are in the design process we can help bring your concept to life.

All the products are designed by us onsite here in Melbourne.  Depending on the product, required lead time and number of products needed the items will either be made on site by us or made off shore to our specifications by one of our partner manufacturers.

The lead time to make a custom made garment from start to finish is minimally 10 weeks. This will increase depending on length of time taken for us to receive approvals, if a fitting range is needed, how complicated the product design is, whether the fabric is a custom fabric or a stock fabric and the quantity of garments needed.

Our local design and local manufacturing service is best suited to small runs. The minimum order quantity does vary based on the type of product but generally minimums start at around 20 pieces up to 250 pieces depending on style.

Our local design and off shore manufacturing is best suited to larger runs. The minimum order does vary based on the type of garments but generally minimums will start at 500 pieces.

The Process

The process  for custom design uniforms is fairly straight forward but please keep in mind that the products are being designed from scratch and sewn by hand and this takes time.

Our process works like this

1. Speak with one of our Sales Team about your idea – You can email us, call us or drop in to discuss what you need.

Our Sales Team will be able to discuss in a very broad way the viability of your idea and discuss any potential limitations. They will be able to provide basic information on very approximate costings for the items along with details for the setups and any other applicable fees.

If after the initial discussion you would like things to move forward our Sales Team will sit down with our Production Team and run through your concept to get their feedback.

Things we will need to know to be able to provide you with accurate information are:

  • the type of item you are considering with as many details as possible including any important points to note (ie Lined skirt, Sports Bag, Tie)
  • the fits ie do you need a mens, ladies or childs version or just one or the other
  • the rough total quantities needed by fit
  • the rough size range eg ladies size 8 – 18 etc.
  • the rough quantity per size required
  • preferred fabric. We can make recommendations on this if you aren't sure.
  • any due dates / deadlines for the completed garments.
  • do you need a fitting range ie a completed garment in each size for staff to try on prior to finalising final sizing.
  • do you need any branding on the garments such as logo embroidery etc

2. After the discussion with our Production Department our Sales Team will get back to you with some feedback. In this feedback they will confirm:

  • if the concept is achievable in terms of overall product design and required leadtime
  • if there is anything that could potentially be an issue or limitation
  • a pricing guideline
Custom Made Uniform Sketches
Custom Made Uniform Sketches 3

Ready To See What's Possible?

Give us a call & tell us your what you are thinking.

If you have any sketches, artwork or inspirations send them on to us and we'll discuss the options and possibilities.

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